Fake IPhone 5S launcher




Bring a bit of iOS5 to your Android device


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Fake IPhone 5S Launcher is a launcher for Android that gives your Android device the appearance of an Apple iOS 5 operating system.

Although Fake IPhone 5S Launcher allows you to set different wallpapers (all from iOS 5) and place Apple operating system icons on your device, the truth is that it is kind of a trap. This 'trap' is just that many of the icons placed on your device, like the App Store or Firefox, do not work at all. Instead, they lead to different websites.

Except for this little cheat, Fake IPhone 5S Launcher is a very interesting launcher, and above all else, it looks polished. At first glance, it can deceive almost anyone, but because of the aforementioned trap, the delusion will not last long.

Another problem with Fake IPhone 5S Launcher is that it isn't compatible with all Android handsets. In fact, for the majority of Android tablets, almost all of its benefits will be no good due to compatibility issues.

This application is no longer updated and might not work correctly.

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